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A doua mina

Am un adevar sau un 'of' de scris, pentru ca nu m-ai suport femeile care isi iarta sotul dar o detesta pe amanta. Cind am inceput acest blog, eram intr-o relatie cu un baiat brunet si inalt, destept si cu simtul umorului dar dupa cum am aflat mult mai tirziu (dupa ce m-a lovit 'dragostea')… Continue reading A doua mina


Its time, A

How many boys or man I loved here?! It could be hundreds, or maybe just one. I  know the answer, but I dont feel like defending myself.  Look what they all did to me. Now I can't trust my future husband; loving him, and pushing myself to trust him, rolling  into the circle gets me… Continue reading Its time, A

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back-up and restore.

Yesterday I put out the desperate woman. He wanted to slow down the things. I said no! You know what 'lets slow down' means. No more things, no more nothing. I back-up it, I refused and explain my reason. But now, I can't lose this feeling that he already decide for him; I can't get… Continue reading back-up and restore.


I died at the age of 25

I couldn't sleep, I even start crying but didn't get any tired eyes enough to fall asleep. Did work through the night like a zombie, but my mind is not stuck anymore. All my wars stopped and all the weapons are down. No more. I got him. And cause I believe in this, I got… Continue reading I died at the age of 25

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Deal with yourself

I didn't write much lately, did I? Is not like I am losing my passion, I think is just laziness and lack of time. I am so tired, and I write this with my eyes 'wet'. I got stuck with routine and loads of unfocused goals. London gives me a lot of stories, but no… Continue reading Deal with yourself

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Who to choose?

When I was in college, I was always speaking my bad inexperienced mouth, and I mean, that at that time I wasn't reading too much, didn't put any efforts to be bold and graceful. The one thing I do remember about those time that I was saying that I don't believe much in marriage. I… Continue reading Who to choose?

about disease and feelings · life and me · through loves.


When he told me he is not legal here, I was so relieved but once again I was just thinking 'How the hell I do find them?'. He is this young-old guy, good christian with good manners and all this stuff. From his stories, he was homeless some time ago. People who lost everything once,… Continue reading Hero