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Somehow, he does…(9)

I've stopped calling him, I changed my number and I blocked him on Facebook. He didn't give me any answer, and I decide to stop. To stop being with him, stop loving him, stop letting him in my apartment, I start trying to stop him get me in any way. The last talk with him… Continue reading Somehow, he does…(9)

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Somehow, he does…(8)

One week later and everything was so wrong in my life. All of his words were on the repeat in my mind for days. But he was right just in one thing : I was happy with him. Very happy. When we did first met, I was dreaming about of a lovely life and of… Continue reading Somehow, he does…(8)


Somehow, he does…(7)

I was walking from left to right in the room, keeping talking and talking, so excited and proud of myself that I'm doing this, talking and spitting out everything what was on my mind. He was just standing there, naked in my bed, looking so 'nothing to say back', he was silence and didn't reply… Continue reading Somehow, he does…(7)

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Somehow, he does…(6)

I just don't know what i was thinking. He didn't left, or i just don't know. I was on my knees, over the toilet sit, feeling sick like a pregnant woman. -I hope... I said. -What? -I hope we two are not stupid. -I hope the same thing, cause i just get a credit from… Continue reading Somehow, he does…(6)

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Somehow, he does…(5)

-You promise me to let me go!So please, leave. -Let's just talk, okay? -No, there is nothing to talk about! You need to leave! -Why? Are you afraid of me? -No, i am afraid of myself! I don't trust myself with you! Got it? -Can we go inside and talk? Just a couple of minutes.… Continue reading Somehow, he does…(5)

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Somehow, he does…(4)

Got me lookin so crazy right now Your love's got me lookin so crazy right now... -hey, can you just take this call or just switch it off, please? -Oh, sorry, is just complicated. 10 p.m. I am with the girls out.I didn't say anything about him and our sex marathon.And still there, was Dan… Continue reading Somehow, he does…(4)


Somehow, he does…(3)

-I am so tired. Next day, on his lunch break, he was already in my bed. Next day.'How is this possible?' -Tired? I looked at him. -Yes, tired! Look at us. You cheating on every girlfriend you get, with me. I just can't stop you. I want you. I really want you in my life,… Continue reading Somehow, he does…(3)