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Buna la pat (7)

Intr-o  saptamina, eram iarasi in birou, plin de foi, notite si multe mesaje. Mi-a lipsit atmosfera din birou dar nu m-am plins nici o data cit am avut parte de atentia lui Vincent. Toata saptamina trecuta a nins fara oprire, orasul devenise paralizat si masinariilea astea de pe strazii, se auzeau non stop. Chiar si… Continue reading Buna la pat (7)

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Somehow, he does…(9)

I've stopped calling him, I changed my number and I blocked him on Facebook. He didn't give me any answer, and I decide to stop. To stop being with him, stop loving him, stop letting him in my apartment, I start trying to stop him get me in any way. The last talk with him… Continue reading Somehow, he does…(9)

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Late night story

Of course, everybody will say to you(especially dads), that boys want just sex from you. And I am not gonna lie, they want and they need it. The truth is, if you're lucky enough, you gonna feel that. You gonna feel everything, you will not be able to breathe. You know, I was so stupid… Continue reading Late night story

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Somehow, he does…(8)

One week later and everything was so wrong in my life. All of his words were on the repeat in my mind for days. But he was right just in one thing : I was happy with him. Very happy. When we did first met, I was dreaming about of a lovely life and of… Continue reading Somehow, he does…(8)

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The last human on the planet

How many of you are alone? How many of you just lost the battle with yourself, with everybody, with your friends, your family, your people around you? How many of you are alone? Cause I am with you, and I'm gonna write about you, me and them. They gonna know us. They gonna love us,… Continue reading The last human on the planet

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Pacific Ocean

If I had to choose a place to live forever with you, in that case, my house should be somewhere near a pacific ocean shore. Don't ask me why, I just wanna be there with you, on a beach, to get burn in the sun, to walk and moan, to take long naps and swim… Continue reading Pacific Ocean


Somehow, he does…(7)

I was walking from left to right in the room, keeping talking and talking, so excited and proud of myself that I'm doing this, talking and spitting out everything what was on my mind. He was just standing there, naked in my bed, looking so 'nothing to say back', he was silence and didn't reply… Continue reading Somehow, he does…(7)