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I am back…I hope I last.

My life changed in a whole different direction that I expected. My life with him -  I waited for this man all my life, of course I didn't expect everything to be perfect but the feeling of rejection that followed me all this years is still here. He sees it like a complaint from my… Continue reading I am back…I hope I last.


My boss hates woman?

From February 2017. *** I am 9 weeks.  And i am already very tired. Nausea and no food that sticks to my stomach. Its not wonderful and magical.  From 5 weeks and coming my days are good or bad. I cant wait to eat. Eat and feel better, cause food comforts me. Used to. So… Continue reading My boss hates woman?


Its time, A

How many boys or man I loved here?! It could be hundreds, or maybe just one. I  know the answer, but I dont feel like defending myself.  Look what they all did to me. Now I can't trust my future husband; loving him, and pushing myself to trust him, rolling  into the circle gets me… Continue reading Its time, A


I died at the age of 25

I couldn't sleep, I even start crying but didn't get any tired eyes enough to fall asleep. Did work through the night like a zombie, but my mind is not stuck anymore. All my wars stopped and all the weapons are down. No more. I got him. And cause I believe in this, I got… Continue reading I died at the age of 25



Dreamers always get hurt. From my experience with blogging on wordpress, when you are happy, don't write it here. You will spoil the destiny. He will run away, or die by mistake, or just disappear in the middle of the night. At this point, i am so afraid to trust, that i just wanna shut… Continue reading Dreamers


Swipe me: right or left?

So not long time ago, I've been on dating app, starting at first because I was bored and I didn't know anyone here around, where I am living. But at the second, just some thoughts in my back of the mind made me think : maybe, there is some serious bisness out there. But after… Continue reading Swipe me: right or left?

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Somehow, he does…(9)

I've stopped calling him, I changed my number and I blocked him on Facebook. He didn't give me any answer, and I decide to stop. To stop being with him, stop loving him, stop letting him in my apartment, I start trying to stop him get me in any way. The last talk with him… Continue reading Somehow, he does…(9)