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Who to choose?

When I was in college, I was always speaking my bad inexperienced mouth, and I mean, that at that time I wasn't reading too much, didn't put any efforts to be bold and graceful. The one thing I do remember about those time that I was saying that I don't believe much in marriage. I… Continue reading Who to choose?

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7 years.

Seven years, guys! Seven! I know, I weren't so active this period, cause adult life happen but I still write and I still walking to my dream. I see it and I am getting it! But seven years, is the longest relationship in my life and the most dramatic one. This blog was/is the most… Continue reading 7 years.

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If you grow up the type of woman men want

If you grow up the type of woman men want to look at, You can let them look at you. But do not mistake eyes for hands, Or windows for mirrors. Let them see what a woman looks like. They may not have ever seen one before. If you grow up the type of woman… Continue reading If you grow up the type of woman men want

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During my teenage years I learnt that there is a massive difference between being wanted and being desired. That just because someone will explore the universe between your thighs at 3am, it does not mean that they will stroke your hair when your demons won’t sleep. Please never think that the two together are not… Continue reading Universe

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The last human on the planet

How many of you are alone? How many of you just lost the battle with yourself, with everybody, with your friends, your family, your people around you? How many of you are alone? Cause I am with you, and I'm gonna write about you, me and them. They gonna know us. They gonna love us,… Continue reading The last human on the planet

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Despre ce tac femeile?

Despre noi. Despre bărbaţi. Despre ei. Despre noi. tacem despre ceea ce ne doare mai mult. despre ceea ce nu spunem nimănui. tacem despre ceea ce nimeni nu a auzit cînd am spus sau nu ne'a crezut. tăcem zile întregi, săptămîni şi luni întregi. unele ba chiar ani de zile. tacem pentru noi, pentru ele,… Continue reading Despre ce tac femeile?

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Emotional charge

Today, while we had our "Green Day" at work, we had a talk with some of co-workers, about people who talks behind our backs, people who leads gossip to an absurd level. So what I said about all that, make me think twice of what I think and talk with the people at work. "People easily… Continue reading Emotional charge