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Yesterday, me and him had a moment. So I had a bad day and start crying in the train and I didn't stop till I came home and he hugged me and we just lie down and talked. I have this moments when I have a situation that make me nervous or stressful  - and… Continue reading You

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back-up and restore.

Yesterday I put out the desperate woman. He wanted to slow down the things. I said no! You know what 'lets slow down' means. No more things, no more nothing. I back-up it, I refused and explain my reason. But now, I can't lose this feeling that he already decide for him; I can't get… Continue reading back-up and restore.

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Who to choose?

When I was in college, I was always speaking my bad inexperienced mouth, and I mean, that at that time I wasn't reading too much, didn't put any efforts to be bold and graceful. The one thing I do remember about those time that I was saying that I don't believe much in marriage. I… Continue reading Who to choose?

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When he told me he is not legal here, I was so relieved but once again I was just thinking 'How the hell I do find them?'. He is this young-old guy, good christian with good manners and all this stuff. From his stories, he was homeless some time ago. People who lost everything once,… Continue reading Hero

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7 years.

Seven years, guys! Seven! I know, I weren't so active this period, cause adult life happen but I still write and I still walking to my dream. I see it and I am getting it! But seven years, is the longest relationship in my life and the most dramatic one. This blog was/is the most… Continue reading 7 years.

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Despre fata care scrie aici….

Eu am fost si sunt o mare adepta a sinceritatii si nu doar, eu ma conduc foarte mult dupa pasiune. Iubesc fiecare barbat din viata mea, la singular. Pe fiecare la timpul sau, daca pasiunea nu trece, dar el a plecat, nu ma avint dupa altul. Astept momentul de trecere, de plins, de gindit nopti… Continue reading Despre fata care scrie aici….

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The new old in town

I love you, you know that? And is just because of the beautiful lies you tell me. I see that future in your eyes, the future that i really want, the future i was fated to have it. I missed you so much, so thank you for coming back.