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I wish, my love…

'Cause no, we're not promised tomorrow... This morning 5 am - no sleep. Sadness, an empty stomach and some kicking little feet inside me. I look over my right side. "He is not home yet..." You don't wanna know what I was thinking and how hard I was crying. I am strong but being in… Continue reading I wish, my love…

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Deal with yourself

I didn't write much lately, did I? Is not like I am losing my passion, I think is just laziness and lack of time. I am so tired, and I write this with my eyes 'wet'. I got stuck with routine and loads of unfocused goals. London gives me a lot of stories, but no… Continue reading Deal with yourself

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7 years.

Seven years, guys! Seven! I know, I weren't so active this period, cause adult life happen but I still write and I still walking to my dream. I see it and I am getting it! But seven years, is the longest relationship in my life and the most dramatic one. This blog was/is the most… Continue reading 7 years.

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The Road II

Do you remember me the last time? There was no tears in my eyes, but today believe me, I'm crying cause I need to believe that things will go either way. I do not have expectations, but more than that I just expect to prove his words. Today I miss everyone from everywhere. Just keep… Continue reading The Road II

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Pacific Ocean

If I had to choose a place to live forever with you, in that case, my house should be somewhere near a pacific ocean shore. Don't ask me why, I just wanna be there with you, on a beach, to get burn in the sun, to walk and moan, to take long naps and swim… Continue reading Pacific Ocean

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I don't know anything, maybe, about love. But what I know for sure, is that he blows my body and mind every time when he comes. He drives me crazy with his cold look, that after turns in a hot oasis. I know that he doesn't love me, but somehow he feels this attraction and… Continue reading

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Drug addicted

 Sex was good.Too good. His body was moving all over me and I did hear the weeknd on background. Two times. There was everything i wanted. But not him. *** You don't love me, but you still can fuck me, baby. We are all sinners. One today, one tomorrow, what's the difference? Among those sheets,… Continue reading Drug addicted