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I am back…I hope I last.

My life changed in a whole different direction that I expected.

My life with him –  I waited for this man all my life, of course I didn’t expect everything to be perfect but the feeling of rejection that followed me all this years is still here.

He sees it like a complaint from my side and me on the other hand just want to be listened and cared. For every I love you, I hear I love you back – but somehow the ifs and buts and all this anxiety – hurt me daily.

Its hard to anyone to be with someone like me, but I know I am not the only one. To be reassured daily by your partner that you are loved and cared is not easy and sometimes you just wanted to stop being so fucking annoying. Well, I am and I can’t changed that. If you can support my feelings, especially when you have reason to hide something from me – than I am very sorry, but someone is being used and their life one day will turn upside down.

I wish I could be more brave and just trust my life – but life didn’t treat me fair for every time I trusted her.


Thank you.


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