My boss hates woman?

From February 2017.


I am 9 weeks. 

And i am already very tired. Nausea and no food that sticks to my stomach. Its not wonderful and magical. 

From 5 weeks and coming my days are good or bad. I cant wait to eat. Eat and feel better, cause food comforts me. Used to.

So today my boss, looked at our kitchenette while i was at work and said:

– oh, Alex, you have such a big appetite. Take it slow.

Little he knows that i try to eat some homemade jelly with raspberries and after 5 min i vomit all in the bathroom. Little he knows that i cant stand any smell of food and i gag everytime. He doesnt know that i didnt eat yet nothing from there. 

And sadly is not the first time he makes comments like this. I reserve my right to not say anything at work yet, even thou i dont expect any special treatment. But i demand to be treated with respect and to not have to be frustrated about my hair, how big i am and what i eat, cause he makes comments all the time.


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